To Subscribe or Not to Subscribe?


In the past few years, subscriptions and streaming services have replaced traditional mediums such as cable and radio. Most people swear they save money with streaming over cable. Are you saving money or spending more? The answers may surprise you. 

In this episode, I discuss weighing the factors of costly subscriptions along with habits you definitely need to unsubscribe from. 

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What’s LOVE got to do with Budgeting?


When is it too soon to talk about money in a new relationship? With timelines looking different for everyone, milestones happen sooner and sooner. When it comes to long-term relationships, budgeting and money-planning are absolutely crucial! On today’s episode, I answer a write-in from a listener on how to navigate a relationship with money challenges. 

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Dining on DIMES


When tracking your expenses, what seems to be one of your greatest? For me personally, my favorite way to spend is on food. Lately, I have put my self-awareness into play. By this, I am cooking more and finding ways to save money on my favorite past time! 

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This episode was recorded on Thursday but I want to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she paved the way for women to have our own bank account!

Let’s talk about STRESS, Bay-Bee!


Who isn’t stressed out right now? If it is not your finances, it could be something else going on throughout the year. We all know there are obvious causes of stress such as grievances, drama, changes we can’t control, obligations and money. What about some of the sneaky causes of stress? In today’s episode. I list 5 subtle factors that can be stressing you out and you may not be aware until it you have to evaluate this. Tune it and as always, let me know what you think. 

Putting Practicality into EVERY Purchase


Remember the last time you had buyers remorse? Did it happen instantly or after making a few payments on the item? We have all experienced this and I am going to talk about ways around buyer’s remorse and making sure you are overall happy with your purchases. We also talk about why you buy what you buy and what it can mean for your bank account. 

Also, FALL is upon us and I am allowing myself to feel super optimistic and excited for the season to come! 

Everything I need to know, I learned by selling.


We are ALL IN sales. Yes! Every one of us regardless of your career. If the idea of being in sales is intimidating to you or you may want to sharpen your skills, give this a listen. You may already be amazing in sales without realizing it. I am so happy to be sharing my stories of you, providing examples of what great sales reps should and should not do. I also give five tips that will not only benefit you in selling but in life overall. 

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Money and Muscle Memory


Ever wonder why most diets fail? Or why many lottery winners or highly-paid professional athletes go bankrupt? In this podcast episode, I used health/fitness analogy to talk about your approach to money and create lasting habits to keep your head above water. ⁣

Sources mentioned include: Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey ⁣

I Will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi ⁣⁣⁣

Anandie Klaasen on The Power of Fearless Living


Having a better relationship with money requires you to step into your power and have the winning mindset. My special guest today, Global Entrepreneur, Business and Success coach Anandie Klaasen shares some amazing value with us today on being the best version of ourselves to get the most out of your lives supported by our wallets. For more incredible inspiration beyond this episode, go to and follow her instagram: anandieklaasen. I am so thankful she has decided to join me and anyone listening will be extremely blessed to hear what she has to say.

Self-Worth before Net-Worth


When deciding to make better changes for your life, you can be presented with challenges from people and messages around you. The decision to pursue financial freedom needs to backed by self-worth so external factors, negative voices and old habits will not lull you away from your goals. I also discuss how self-worth can increase your bank account by aiding you in your pursuits of more money. Feel free to email me at for any feedback and thanks for listening.

Removing the Stigma of the B-Word


Budgeting doesn’t ring sexy in the ears of many but nothing is more attractive than taking ownership of your life and that begins with managing your money. As I kick off this podcast, I will go over some basic budgeting tips, self-love advice and lay out my mission through this journey. Today, I want you to join me in the pursuit of my best life that does not include breaking the bank.