SHAME on your SHAME!

Summary Stop feeling ashamed to spend, save or talk about money! This episode is especially for my female listeners (men are encouraged to listen as well).  I discuss how to identify your limiting subconscious beliefs that could be holding you back for going after what you deserve.   

Stop Comparison RIGHT NOW!

Summary Comparison is not only the thief of JOY, it can deplete your wallet, rob your motivation and detract you from chasing your dreams.  In this episode, I share my recent mini-battle with comparison and then share with you how to overcome comparison in order to cultivate the best path for your journey. 

Getting a Head Start on Holiday Savings Before Black Friday

Summary Yes, I know! Halloween just ended but I promise, I have a method to my MADNESS! The sooner you get your shopping done, the more allowance you are giving yourself to enjoy the holiday season and believe it not, you don’t have to wait until after Turkey Day to save your money. I’ve gotContinue reading “Getting a Head Start on Holiday Savings Before Black Friday”

8 SCARY Money Mistakes that will haunt you Indefinitely

Summary Not to spook you out or anything but have you thought about money mistakes that you could be paying for years from now? What entanglements have you found yourself in due to unwise money moves? In spirit of Halloween, I am so excited to share with you the common mistakes that can cost youContinue reading “8 SCARY Money Mistakes that will haunt you Indefinitely”

New Beginnings with Budgeting: Interview with Casee Adams

Summary So many people neglect to budget just because the process can feel overwhelming. Today, I talk with Nashville Physical Therapist Casee Adams about the basics as we get to hear her story about massive student loans and navigating life in a high-cost city.  I also share some money mishaps that I made in myContinue reading “New Beginnings with Budgeting: Interview with Casee Adams”