Self-Care that costs little to nothing!


I remember a few years ago, I thought of self-care as getting my hair highlighted or a mani-pedi while I sipped on a low-calorie, non-dairy Starbucks latte. This altogether cost me a few hundred bucks. Now, while I still budget for self-care, I have found many lower cost yet effective ways to invest in myself without breaking the bank. 

We all want to impact others but by doing this we have to care for ourselves first. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

Join me as I discuss my Top Ten tips for Self-Care and let me know what you would like to add.


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Enneagram 3w4, Recovering Shopaholic, Fighting Perfectionism, Adventurous Soul, Foodie, ENFP, Dancer, Self-Love Advocate, Spiritual and Host of For Better Self and Net Worth Podcast.

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